10 Top Tips For Successful Wedding Planning

Wedding Budget. Only plan for the wedding you can afford. You’ve got to accept your budget, and always stick to your original plan when out shopping for wedding items. Ensure you create the perfect wedding for you, not for a celebrity magazine.

Get Organised. Start planning and making wedding decisions as early as possible. This is the secret to stress free wedding planning. Venues, photographers, DJ’s and all quality wedding services will accept advance bookings well before your wedding date.

Prioritise your plans. First things first, last things last. You can’t plan a wedding unless you’ve booked your date and venue – get these done first, and then start working on the rest. Think what is important to your wedding, are the favours more important then getting the right wedding DJ ? Probably not, so book the most important things first, leave the minor details until you’re ready.

Consider family members. Plan your wedding day with you in mind, but consider leaving some room for family input. Both sets of parents will have their ideas on who should be invited, especially if they are helping out with the wedding day costs. Never fall out with anyone over a wedding, you’ll regret it in the future.

Wedding guest list pitfalls. When writing out your guest list, be sensitive to the thoughts and expectations of your fiancĂ©e. There will be people in their lives who are important to them and they’ll want them at the wedding, possibly people you don’t know very well. Negotiate and compromise is the key to good wedding list planning.

Delegation. Every bride and groom will have their jobs to do when it comes to the planning of their wedding. A great way to make family, best man & bridesmaids more involved in your big day is to delegate a few small areas of the wedding planning.

Choosing the Best Man & the bridesmaids. Your best man doesn’t just need to be good are organising the stag party, he’ll have responsibilities on your wedding day too. If the first person who pops into your head as potential best man isn’t reliable, take a step back and think again. When it comes to the bridesmaids, ensure you choose girls who’ll be just as excited at being your bridesmaid as you are at being the bride.

Hiring wedding services. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising, if your friends recommend their wedding photographer or wedding DJ, then speak to them first. Never book any wedding service without seeing examples of their work first, ask to taste a sample of a wedding cake, or see a sample of a wedding DVD from the videographer. Try and avoid booking someone just because they are the cheapest, this is your special day, so if you budget well, you needn’t cut corners.

Remain calm. Never get upset if someone lets you down, it’s their loss. Don’t distance anyone who wants to help with the wedding, you’ll need them later on.

Weddings blah blah blah. Sometimes it will seem like all you ever talk about is wedding plans, ensure you have some time away from it. Have weekends where you don’t plan anything, and don’t talk about it. By all means be excited about your wedding, just don’t bore all your friends by non-stop talk about it.