A Guide for Wedding Planning – Some Tips

Wedding Planning should be one of the most enjoyable “works” in your life. However, many couples find that it can also be the most stressful job they have even been encountered. In fact there are a lot of tips on what you should consider when you are planning your wedding. You can just find these tips in different wedding magazines. However, how should you start this planning work?

The first thing you need to do is to involve your fiance to plan the wedding with you. Most brides-to-be will have a perception that their fiances do not really want to be involved in this job. There are even tips to get your fiance involved in the wedding planning. However, most of the time this can be just because of different attitudes of the bride and the groom towards wedding.

I have a friend who is going to marry very soon. He once told me that it is not true that he does not want to be involved in wedding planning. It is just because he wants to plan it slowly, item by item and the bride thinks that he does not really care about the wedding.

You should always discuss with your fiance about your thought. As in the above example, the bride may even need to discuss with my friend about the pace of the wedding plan. Communication is always the best way to involve your fiance in the wedding planning.

After you have a mutually consensus with your fiance, you can start get into the planning stage. As what everyone will do, you should have a brainstorming with your fiance first. You should never put any of your personal preference in this stage since it may affect all your later decisions. You may want to take reference to the idea of six thinking hats by Edward de Bono so that you can make the decision making process smoother.

After the brainstorming, you should have a list of different options for your wedding. You will have different options for your wedding theme, wedding day etc. At this stage, you need to check if your checklist misses any important item. You may take reference to different wedding magazines in order to check your checklist.

When you are sure that your checklist does not miss anything, you can start discussing with your fiance of these options and spot out the options that both of you will prefer. Of course there may be different thoughts between you and your fiance. You may want a beach wedding while he may prefer a winter wedding theme. Again, the key here is discussion and communication so that you can make a proposal on the plan that both of you will agree with.

After you make your initial decisions you can start sourcing for different wedding vendors that may help for your wedding. You will need to adjust your plan from time to time. You should always discuss with your fiance for any adjustment. With all these in mind, you will probably find the wedding planning less stressful and at the same time more enjoyable.