Wedding Planning Books Can Save Your Money & Your Sanity!

If you are becoming stressed out or broke over planning your own wedding, you may want to look into the various wedding planning books available on the market today. When my husband and I decided to get married, we set a date that was only 8 weeks away, thinking we’d have plenty of time to get things done. However, when we saw that there were a lot more decisions involved than we thought, and we were afraid we were going to go over our projected wedding budget of $300.

I began looking all over the Internet for wedding planning guides and anything else that would help me. That’s when I found Amazing Wedding Planning. At first, I didn’t think I should purchase it, since we were already halfway through our budget, and only have a few things planned. However, I am very glad I talked myself into it. We ended up planning our wedding in time, and saving almost $1400 off our wedding budget.

Wedding planning books like Amazing Wedding Planning expose you to little known secrets in the wedding industry. Things like how local wedding vendors often work together and advertise each other’s services. Say, for instance, you hire a caterer for your reception. They go on and on about the best wedding entertainers in the area, so you hire them as well.

Well, it may turn out they were not much entertainment, and you feel overcharged for their services. That’s because many vendors (caterers, bands, photographers, florists, etc.) create a referral program with each other, so they all make money if you choose to go with their recommendations. It’s a win-win situation for them, but could be a big fat loss for you.

Amazing Wedding Planning will also provide you with tips on how to get a beautiful wedding gown, cake, and decor for a fraction of the cost. You don’t have to have a dress that costs $1000’s to look stunning, especially when a $100-$200 is so similar, everyone will think you paid a fortune for it. You’ll also learn how to effectively shop for the perfect dress without getting burning out or making a hasty decision.

The author of Amazing Wedding Planning, Erica Yoon, has quickly become an expert on the subject of wedding planning. She’ll show you how her and husband had a $30,000 wedding for only $10,000. For many, that’s still a lot of money, but she basically she can show you how to take off up to 80% of your wedding budget, no matter what it is currently set at. All you really need is her very affordable book to successfully plan your wedding. No wedding planner is this good, and they are way more expensive.

Wedding Planning Books – A Great Alternative to Using a Wedding Planner

Wedding planning books are a great inexpensive alternative to using a wedding planner, however all books are not created equal. Before you shell out money on a wedding planning book there are some helpful things you should look for to make sure it is the right book for you.

One of the main reasons to use a wedding planner is to help you stay on track and organized and the same should be true for a wedding planning book. Look for a book that comes with checklists or spreadsheets so you have a good idea of everything that needs to be done and you can check things off your list as you accomplish them.

If you want to go more high-tech, look for a book that comes with wedding planning software. Software is a fabulous way to keep everything organized on your computer and all in one place so you can easily access it and see what all is left to do.

Another role of a wedding planner is to help you save money on the essentials for your wedding such as your cake, decorations, photographer, venue and more while at the same time ensuring that you get high quality service. A wedding planning book can also help with this by offering tips and advice on how to save money on just about everything for your wedding. Many books offer nation wide lists of vendors and stores where you can find services in your local area which can make shopping for your wedding much easier.

Finally, while you are planning your wedding no doubt you will run across situations that you aren’t quite sure how to handle. How do you manage divorced parents? How can you politely tell people that you don’t want children at your wedding? What is the best way for dealing with unruly guests or getting your bridesmaids to pitch in and help? Most wedding planning books offer wedding etiquette tips that can help you to deal with a wide variety of problems that may arise while you are planning your wedding.

Planning a Wedding – Technology Makes Wedding Planning Efficient

Technology is moving beyond the workplace and the home front to impact our major life events, such as weddings. From web sites that help couples plan their weddings to multimedia presentations prepared for their rehearsal dinner, technology helps preserve wedding memories.

Following are top technology trends for couples planning their wedding:

Online planning and research. Gone are the days when brides relied on monthly or seasonal bridal magazines for wedding information. Now, modern brides go online for their wedding planning purposes. Popular wedding sites make it easy for brides to track the latest trends, shop for wedding gowns, and find wedding checklists to help them prepare for their big day.

Multimedia presentations. One of the latest trends is to prepare a multimedia presentation for the rehearsal dinner or wedding reception. Presentations typically entail video and still images, typically set to music, featuring the couple throughout their lives. Multimedia presentations are replacing traditional photo albums and can create an exciting personal touch to a wedding celebration.

Personal web sites. For a small fee, a personal wedding web site allows couples to design their own web site in advance of their wedding day where they can post pictures of themselves, provide details of their wedding day, and provide gift registry information all in one convenient location online. Since most guests have access to the Internet, a personal wedding web site is a convenient way for guests to stay in touch with the couple and their latest wedding planning endeavors.

Ordering wedding photos online. Nowadays, wedding photographers and videographers take digital pictures or film and post their proofs online. Entire albums can be viewed by couples and guests enabling people to order photos as desired. Online ordering of wedding photos eliminates the angst of newlyweds anxiously awaiting their wedding photos, and allows family members and friends to order photos as desired.

If planning a wedding, consider these technology trends as a way to make your wedding planning process more efficient.

Wedding Planning Tips – Make A Plan To Spend Fewer Than $1000 On Your Own Wedding

Your wedding has been decided but you have to do all in just $1,000.00. Only detailed planning coupled with strong analysis shall protect from going over budget. If few things are taken special care of then you can do this without losing a sweat. If planning a wedding under $1000 then it requires that you take some hard and crucial decision at an early stage.

Preliminary points of planning an under $ 1000 wedding –

First and foremost, this wedding will be planned and executed by you. Forget the thought of hiring a professional wedding planner as its not permissible in your budget. Buy a guidebook that would give you inputs as well as get things organized for you. Then search the net extensively for sites that help you in the process and give definitive details of everything from starch to end all free.

Enter keyword “free wedding planning” and you will have all the information required. Online software such as or then will help. You can always visit your local book store to find kits and books. The best way to control expenses would be to spend more on items that can be sources for free and spend miserly on things that burn a hole in your pocket.

Cake ought to be there!

Would you believe that a caking could cost you as much as $500, that’s one half of your total budget. But if carefully spent then options are aplenty. If you can locate a culinary school close by then what better, ask a student to do one exquisitely for you and it shall cost you a dime against a privately made cake You could also offer the school some thing in return if they have it made for you for free. What if an aunt or a friend knows how to make one then you relax instantly.

If that were to happen then it lets your aunt/friend take part while you celebrate a special day in life. This will be of great help as ingredients and toppings and icing can cost $100 for a made for 100 people. A cake can be made to look priceless sans multiple tiers or heavy icing. Like if you have a 3-piece cake holder it will resemble the look of 3 tiers cake. It is easy to do this, have 3 cakes made (one medium size, 2 small size) place them on top of the holder and it spells elegance. Chocolates cakes are usually ordered by the groom and guest would enjoy coco flavor.

Few important things to know

When you start out you would like to have all different pomp and gaiety for your wedding for example, DJ, caterers, live performance, photographers etc, but these could really spiral up the costs so decisions have to be taken with the mind and not with the heart when you are planning your wedding with $1000 in hand. Yes a glorious wedding can take place with $1000 but planning is must.

If you want to save on cost them organize the wedding from a friends or relatives place also formal evening wedding events are tad expensive than afternoon or morning ceremonies. Dresses are expensive to say the least, so look for one online or buy from a resale shop.

There are numerous magnificent dresses to select from and nobody will never think of it to be not fresh. By keeping a close vigil at expenses and finding newer more innovative methods of control costs and yet create an elegant wedding atmosphere, the whole wedding will transform as you dreamt it to be. If you take a firm stance to plan your wedding in under $1000 then it will be that way.