Creative Destination Wedding Planning For A Day To Remember

Good creative destination wedding planning can make the difference between an ordinary wedding and one that will remain in the memory of you and your new husband for ever.

If you have decided on a destination wedding, rather than being conventional and getting married in your home town or city, there is a lot that can go wrong and spoil the day. Not only that, but unless you are blessed with unlimited funds, it will be a wedding that is attended by relatively few guests and so a little creativity can go a long way towards making it a memorable occasion for them also.

Not everybody you would like to be there will be there, and creative planning is also necessary to handle that situation. Who do you invite, and not invite. If you invite everybody to that Paris wedding you have always promised yourself, you could be thought of as making invitations in order to receive gifts from as many as possible. If you fail to do so, then those not invited might feel slighted. This situation can be overcome diplomatically, but it takes creativity and good planning.

There are several steps involved in planning a destination wedding starting with that invitation list that is your first hurdle. You should inform everybody that you are planning a wedding outside your home town, whether it is in another county or state, depending on where you live, or even in another country. Popular destinations are the Paris previously mentioned, the Caribbean, several destinations in the USA, UK and Europe and cruise liners are becoming increasingly popular.

Some couples take the approach of asking friends and relatives if they would be able to attend such a wedding were it to be held, as a preliminary to drawing up a guest list. Others simply ask their parents, plus best friends as matron of honor or chief bridesmaid, and best man, and offer to pay their expenses if they are able to. You should never invite your friends to your wedding in an official capacity unless you know that money is not a problem to them, or you are able to offer to pay their costs. Many couples can pick up part of the tab, and provide their guests with a great few days, but for many more that is not possible.

Many couples have their dream wedding in the exotic location of their choice by themselves, and then have a blessing in their home church or chapel, followed by a full reception for their family and friends. That is creative destination wedding planning at its best for the ordinary couple that can afford their dream wedding and honeymoon, but are unable to pay the traveling and accommodation expenses of their guests. You should not deny yourself your dream just to keep others happy. A little imagination can formulate a way for you to have what you want and also provide your family and friends with what they want.

That is how your creativity can resolve one of the most difficult aspects of any destination wedding: how to keep everybody happy, including yourselves. The next planning stage is to get the actual venues booked. It is one thing deciding that you want married in a specific location, but another in organizing that. Creative planning will likely conclude that you need to hire somebody in the actual destination to handle the organizing at that end, although it is possible for you to handle it yourself.

For that you will need good communication with the local authorities of the town or city in which you intend to be married, so that you are aware of any legal restrictions such as whether or not you need a local marriage license, any local readings of Marriage Banns that vary throughout the Western world, any residential qualifications, blood tests and doctor’s certificates that might be required.

You will also need effective communication with the venues of your ceremony and reception, and also the accommodation of any guests. If you are planning to me married by yourselves, without guests until your reception back home, you will have to arrange a minister or judge for the ceremony, and probably the requisite number of witnesses. Many resorts or other destinations offer a complete package, including witnesses, a cake, photographer and champagne for the couple, including accommodation and even honeymoon facilities if needed.

That is why many opt to hire a wedding planner to look after all of this for them, so that you need only tend to your end of things. After all, there is little to plan once the invitations or home reception, destination venues and ceremony legalities, travel details and the honeymoon have been looked after.

Creative destination wedding planning can be used to give you the fabulous unforgettable wedding that you want, and also to keep all of your family and friends happy whether they can be with you or not. Forward planning is the crux, and whether or not you use the services of professionals to help with it is immaterial. It is the end result of your planning that counts. It is your wedding, and if you and your new husband are happy with your planning, then that is all that matters.