How to Create a Perfect Wedding Planning List For Your Ceremony and Reception

Congratulations on your engagement! If you have not already begun, this is the time to begin planning your wedding ceremony and reception. Ideas are probably flowing through your mind at an alarming rate. Family members and friends are more than likely lending you their ideas as well. How do you make sense of everything? A wedding planning list is an ideal and essential tool for organizing your wedding day.

A wedding planning list is slightly different from a wedding checklist. The planning list is an overall picture of what you want for your wedding and the estimated costs of each broad category. Many couples today are tying the knot later in life. Most of the time, both the bride and the groom are already well established in their careers and have more money to spend than younger couples right out of high school or college. The average wedding costs roughly $15,000 to $30,000, so it is important to outline how that money will be spent ahead of time.

Examples of items included on this list might include the following: photographer, flowers, ceremony location and fees, reception location, wedding favors, bridal gown and tuxedo for the bride and groom, formal wear for the wedding party, the wedding rings, invitations and stationary, music and entertainment, names of hotels for out of town guests, and gifts for family members.

A wedding planning list should also include:

1) Vendor information including names and contact phone numbers

2) An alternate location for the ceremony and reception if scheduled as outdoor events

3) A timeline for the events and the person responsible for each

4) Song selections for the ceremony

5) The order of the wedding party and how they will proceed down the aisle

The reception should be planned using a wedding planning list as well. A few items that should be included are the names of your wedding party and family for introductions, music to be played as they enter the reception area, seating chart, special dances and music, the toast and blessing times, and the menu with beginning and ending times.

Designate one person to make sure that all of your vendors are paid accordingly on your wedding day. Include the name of the vendor, the amount to be paid, and the method of payment they will accept on the wedding planning list. A copy of this information should be on a separate page and given only to the person paying each vendor.

Creating a wedding planning list will enable you both to see the overall picture of your wedding day and reception. You will rest easier knowing that the plans are in motion and you know up front how much you want to spend. Money is one of the biggest stresses between couples, so deciding on these numbers before the planning is too far along is going to relieve stress and eliminate misunderstandings down the line for both of you.

Your wedding planning list will be just one tool used to create the most memorable day of your life. This list will be placed inside your wedding planner book, along with your checklist, guest list, and other important items. Keeping everything organized is crucial for keeping stress levels at a minimum. This list is especially important if you are planning the entire event yourself, without the services of a professional wedding planner.