The Easiest Way to Get Free Wedding Planning

So you are all excited at the start of planning your wedding day but you do not want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a professional wedding planner. You are going to have to pay for certain things anyway and it can be a waste to have a middle person doing all the coordinating for you. They will charge you handsomely for their services.

Of course if you have no time and very few contacts it might actually be better if you did use a professional but that is up to you. I will assume that you have decided to do your own wedding planning. That decision made there is no shortage of excellent resources for you to use to help you plan your special day
You cannot do the food or the honeymoon for free but you can with a bit of skill and guile do your wedding planning for free. Here are a few ways to do this.

Using the internet to do your free wedding planning

The internet is becoming freer by the year and there are lots of free guides and e-books on wedding planning that you can download. There are also checklists and spreadsheets for you to follow to ensure nothing is missed out. To find these websites type in a phrase such as wedding plan or plan your wedding and you will get plenty of help.

Friends can help you plan your wedding but choose them well

Its time to call in a few favors and use your friends to help you plan the wedding. Make sure they are reliable and not prone to stupid ideas. It is not their wedding, it is yours and they need to remember that. When we planned our wedding (30 years ago) I chose my best friend to help. Now he is a born organizer and administrator so we had a fantastic day and the planning and delivery of our special day was second to none. No surprise I made him best man on the day.

Between us we gathered a small team who came up with how we wanted our day to be. We added things in and removed other bad ideas over 3 or 4 meetings in our home. All the implementation was shared out and we had a fantastic day. This cost us nothing other than a bit of time and some careful choosing of the right friends. If you have good friends they will want to help for free.

Use other people weddings as an idea resource for yours

Some weddings are memorable and others are downright dreadful. There is nothing remotely funny about a drunken groom on his wedding day. Think back to the weddings you have been to and try to define what it was that you liked about it. Was it the music, the greeters, the cars, the speeches? Copy ideas from other people. If you are worried they will think you copied the idea tell them what you plan to do. They will take it as a compliment that you are doing the same thing.

Use your own ideas carefully

Your wedding needs to be your own day with its own character. This is a great bonus for doing your own wedding planning. You can put in touches that no one else has thought of. But this can be a problem. Just because you think it is a nice romantic idea it doesn’t mean it is a good idea. Horse drawn carriages are great but have you smelt the XXXX that comes out of the horses? Mixing the families might be right or could be disastrous. To overcome potential problems run the ideas past your small wedding planning team and listen. In the end your vote over rides all the others but other peoples input could stop a disaster.

Wedding Planning Done Cheap – Simple Guidelines to Wedding Planning No Matter What Your Budget!

Shhh! Nobody wants to you to know this, but there is a conspiracy out there and it’s coming from the service industry.

It doesn’t matter what your budget is, whether you have $1,000 or $50,000 to spend on your wedding, once you understand the “insider secrets” to the wedding industry, anyone can do their own wedding planning done cheap and still have the wedding that they want.

You see, all of those vendors that you have to hire for your wedding have their trade secrets and once they hear the words “this is for my wedding” a flurry of excitement comes over them and the dollar signs start flying in front of their eyes. Suddenly charges for the most unbelievable things start cropping up everywhere.

So what can you do to protect yourself and get the best services and wedding products for your money? Arm yourself with “insider information.” That will definitely level the playing field.

It’s a fact, right now the average cost of a wedding is right around $30,000! And one of the biggest reasons that the price is so high is because of the lack of information out there for most brides-to-be. But we’re about to change that.

For example, did you know that even the professional wedding planners follow 3 basic steps every time they plan a wedding? That’s right, once you master these 3 steps, you will not only be able to plan your own wedding, but you will have saved yourself thousands of dollars and countless hours of time in the process.

Once you become engaged, the First Step that you need to take is to plan the theme of your wedding. This will set the tone for everything that follows. After the two of you decide on a theme, you will be amazed at how many other steps to planning a wedding will just come naturally.

The Second Step for wedding planning done cheap is to set your budget. This is absolutely imperative. Once you have determined your theme, setting a budget should be simple. Make sure that you have the total amount, including who will be responsible for what. This means getting commitments from anyone else other than the two of you who has agreed to give you additional funds.

The Third Step is to get your hands on a good Wedding Planning Timeline. This is where the details come in. A Good Wedding Planning List should start at least twelve to 16 months before your date and go right up to the Wedding Day itself. When you know what time frame you are looking at and what key tasks must be performed in each month, then you will not be overwhelmed. But most importantly, you will not forget even the smallest of details.

Anyone can do wedding planning done cheap. But the difference between your fairy tail wedding and a disaster lies within these 3 steps.

Wedding Planning – Plan Your Own Wedding Step by Step

Planning a wedding is no doubt one of the most stressful things in ones life. Having an organized plan when it comes to the ceremony, reception, and honeymoon can help relieve at least part of the stress. There are many areas in which to focus on and sometimes little details get overlooked. The best way to do this is to have a plan in place to keep both the bride and groom focused on the wedding and not the preparation.

The first thing that needs to be done is to set budget for the wedding. Many times a wedding will put financial strain on the newlyweds before they have a chance to begin their life together. Setting a reasonable budget will lessen the tension of the financial aspect of the marriage. Write down everything that needs to be purchased or rented for the wedding. Include anything that is desired for the wedding. Next, separate the items into needs and wants and prioritize each list. Get prices for the items on the list and mark them off the list. It is always good to allow 5-10% extra in your budget for the unexpected items that may show up.

Now that the budget is set it is time to shop for the items on the list. Reserve the items or purchase them and mark them off your list. If you have a wedding date farther in the future you may have time to shop around for better deals or sale items. Don’t wait until the last minute! Make sure to reserve the location in which the wedding ceremony will take place and account for the unexpected like weather conditions. If it rains you will have to move the guests inside if you are planning an outdoor wedding. Of course the bride will need to find her wedding dress and the groom will need his tux if you are going the traditional wedding route.

As time draws near you will probably start to feel a little more anxious and start wondering what you have forgotten. Don’t worry just look at the list you created in the beginning. Don’t forget the details like the music for the wedding and during the reception. The invitations are important as well. Make sure you send the invitations out well in advance so most people can make arrangements to be at the wedding. Guests are important to consider in the planning stages so the venue will be suitable to hold all of the guests. The more guest you invite to the wedding the larger venue it will take to seat them and the more money it will cost for the venue and food for your guests.

There are many more details in planning a wedding than we can list here. The main thing to remember is to create a step by step plan in writing. A wedding guide or a wedding planning book can definitely help in the planning process of the wedding and can help you remember things you might not otherwise think about during the process. Create a detailed plan and stick to it and you will find a less stressful and even a more joyous event.

Are You Planning a Wedding? Use a Wedding Planning Checklist to Help You

By putting together a wedding planning checklist you will be able to stay on task and know what is next. Some people do not realise how important it is to plan certain things and end up later regretting something that they forgot. A wedding is a wonderful celebration and should not be stressful in any way at all for the bride and the groom. With the proper amount of planning you can make sure that your wedding is just how you want it with no stress put on yourself or your mate.

You need to figure out what your priorities are when you are planning your wedding. Your checklist needs to cover everything form the most minor thing to the most major thing. Take plenty of time to brainstorm and come up with every possible thing you can that you will need while planning your wedding. You should even go as far as to get outside help from friends or family members that have planned a wedding in their lives. They will be able to help you by giving you ideas that you might not have thought of.

You will also want to set up a reasonable budget so that you don’t spend more than you can afford. This needs to include every aspect of your wedding plan and needs to be very thorough. You will not want there to be any surprises when it comes to your budget because they can really ruin your plan or make you have to cut something out that you really wanted.

Make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to plan the wedding and get as much help as possible. This could include hiring a wedding coordinator to make sure everything happens the way you want it to. You will want to stay within your budget so as you are planning make sure you let everybody you deal with know how much you can afford. This includes letting the florist, baker, pastor or priest, reception hall, and all other expenses know what you can afford and the price range you are working within. This will help them give you what you are looking for and keep you within your budget.

Planning a wedding can be very stressful, but if you put together a wedding planning checklist along with a budget you will have less stress to deal with because you will have a plan to follow. There is a lot that goes into a great wedding so you need to make sure you cover all the bases and do not leave anything out.