The Positives Of DIY Wedding Planning

The job of wedding planner is a growing profession in the United States, as more couples choose to turn over the hassle and headaches of this mission to someone with experience, and someone with some distance from the bride and groom. While there are legitimate reasons for hiring a wedding planner, there are just as many reasons to do it yourself. Here are a few good reasons to handle your own wedding-planning chores.

The first and most obvious advantage of doing your wedding planning yourself is that you’ll save money. If you were to hire a wedding planner, you could expect to spend somewhere between $5,000 and $7,000 for their services. This usually amounts to about ten percent of your entire wedding budget. In addition to that, if you expect the planner to be available just the day of the wedding, this will run you another $600-$800. But if, like most people you expect them to plan the whole thing, from beginning to end, then expect to budget up to seven grand for this. That’s $7,000 you can spend for other things if you do the planning yourself.

Another benefit of planning the wedding yourself is that you will have better memories of the wedding if you plan it yourself. It’s kind of like taking a long trip to visit a place you’ve long wanted to see. For some people, “being” there is all they want. Other people enjoy the trip itself. If you’re that kind of person, then you’re likely to make all sorts of good memories in the actual planning of the wedding–not just the wedding itself.

A third reason to plan the wedding yourself is that you will have a better chance of leaving a part of your personality, your “fingerprint” on the wedding if you do it yourself. Usually, when a couple uses a wedding planner, their own wants for the wedding wind up getting filtered and adjusted, because it doesn’t quite fit in with the planner’s vision. There’s no danger of that if you’re in charge of the wedding, from start to finish.

A fourth reason to plan your own wedding is that it doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as it once was. Today, there are websites that will offer you guidance. There are dozens of books at large mega-bookstores that will help you. Plus you probably have several friends who planned their own wedding who would be willing to share their wisdom with you. Whereas there once was a time when planning a wedding was a complicated ordeal, it’s much less so today.

A fifth and final reason to plan your wedding yourself is that you stand a lesser chance of offending anyone. There have been numerous stories of a wedding planner making decisions that caused a maid of honor or groomsman or a guest to feel slighted. You have a better idea of who should do and expect what, and what they want. A wedding planner is a complete stranger to these people, and you can expect him or her to act like a complete stranger to them.

So before you plunk down that hunk of money for a wedding planner, think about whether this person will truly create the wedding of YOUR dreams at a cost you can afford. If you have your doubts, then consider doing it yourself.