Wedding Planning – Plan Your Own Wedding Step by Step

Planning a wedding is no doubt one of the most stressful things in ones life. Having an organized plan when it comes to the ceremony, reception, and honeymoon can help relieve at least part of the stress. There are many areas in which to focus on and sometimes little details get overlooked. The best way to do this is to have a plan in place to keep both the bride and groom focused on the wedding and not the preparation.

The first thing that needs to be done is to set budget for the wedding. Many times a wedding will put financial strain on the newlyweds before they have a chance to begin their life together. Setting a reasonable budget will lessen the tension of the financial aspect of the marriage. Write down everything that needs to be purchased or rented for the wedding. Include anything that is desired for the wedding. Next, separate the items into needs and wants and prioritize each list. Get prices for the items on the list and mark them off the list. It is always good to allow 5-10% extra in your budget for the unexpected items that may show up.

Now that the budget is set it is time to shop for the items on the list. Reserve the items or purchase them and mark them off your list. If you have a wedding date farther in the future you may have time to shop around for better deals or sale items. Don’t wait until the last minute! Make sure to reserve the location in which the wedding ceremony will take place and account for the unexpected like weather conditions. If it rains you will have to move the guests inside if you are planning an outdoor wedding. Of course the bride will need to find her wedding dress and the groom will need his tux if you are going the traditional wedding route.

As time draws near you will probably start to feel a little more anxious and start wondering what you have forgotten. Don’t worry just look at the list you created in the beginning. Don’t forget the details like the music for the wedding and during the reception. The invitations are important as well. Make sure you send the invitations out well in advance so most people can make arrangements to be at the wedding. Guests are important to consider in the planning stages so the venue will be suitable to hold all of the guests. The more guest you invite to the wedding the larger venue it will take to seat them and the more money it will cost for the venue and food for your guests.

There are many more details in planning a wedding than we can list here. The main thing to remember is to create a step by step plan in writing. A wedding guide or a wedding planning book can definitely help in the planning process of the wedding and can help you remember things you might not otherwise think about during the process. Create a detailed plan and stick to it and you will find a less stressful and even a more joyous event.